The eternal battle!

One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE youtube! I am not brave enough to film myself and wait for the comments to rain, I prefer hiding behind a written text on a blog. I however admire people doing so and often like to watch a few funny videos in the evening. One that I particularly like is danisnotonfire, he is a really funny guy! He recently posted a video « menvswomen » that made me laugh a lot (and made me quite happy too, as he recognizes women have it harder). But it, being a youtube video had to be short and lots was forgotten. So, here I am, taking part in the eternal battle of « men vs women: who has it harder in life? »

Let’s begin with men:

  1. I must admit, it must be horrible and embarrassing that everyone is able to tell if you are aroused or not, it is impossible to hide. I feel very sympathetic with men because of that.
  2. Also, they can be kicked in their parts and that must be unbearable (and probably scary at times)
  3. Granted: It must be pretty difficult to understand us at times.
  4. Society expects all men to be strong, manly, not to be sentimental,… So it must be hard to be different (even though most women actually prefer a sensitive guy to a macho one…)

Other than that, I seriously don’t really see what could be so difficult for guys in life… Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments!

Now, women:

  1. Periods: they are just horrible! You feel like someone is stabbing you over and over again, all day long, for a week, every month. And of course there are headaches, backpains, you feel sick and sometimes throw up, sometimes the pain is so strong that sometimes you faint (happened to me really often in high-school),… But at the same time time you feel really emotional: you are angry at everything and everyone, but you want to cry at the same time, for no reason at all. Plus, ironically because you can not do anything, you are incredibly horny, way hornier than any other time, but you can’t do anything because it would be so bloody and messy, and you’re in pain, and emotional… And of course you would want to eat chocolate for ever… To summarize: you are a total mess in a lot of pain! That alone is, I think, enough to make us win!
  2. Giving birth: first you have to carry a baby during 9 months in your belly: you can be sick a lot, you can’t drink alcohol or caffeine, can’t move too much from a certain moment on so as not to hurt the baby,… Then there is the childbirth alone: it can last up to 72 hours of pain! Luckily now we have effective painkillers but it is never pain free and you private parts are pretty much destroyed for a while… And afterwards you have to let the baby suck on your nipples for hours to feed him/her and it can hurt.. During all that: the baby dady can just get more and more excited and then show off the baby to all of his friends while the mother is just dead tired in her hospital bed…
  3. Protection: if we don’t want to get pregnant, we have to take contraception, we have to think, everyday at the same hour, to take our pill. But contraception should be for guys! « It makes more sense to unload a loaded gun than to shoot a bulletproof vest »! And of course, if we forget and get pregnant, the dad can simply disappear whereas we have to make the most terrible decision that will have consequences on your whole life anyway: abortion (and then you are physically and mentally scarred for life + judged by society), adoption (and then you risk always wondering how your child is doing, if he/she is mad at you for abandonning her, if his/her family is good with him/her,…) or keeping it and taking the risk of raising it alone, in a difficult situation and giving up on everything you had planned for yourself because of one stupid mistake…
  4. Sex, this is going to be a long one…
    • The first time for us is way more complicated: it hurts, we bleed, if the guy didn’t do enough foreplay it can be really awful and make you think you don’t like sex and you are not normal and you’ll end up alone…
    • If we have casual sex, we are called sluts/whores/… whereas if guys have sex they are heroes!
    • When we are in a relationship we have to be super careful: we can’t sleep on the first date otherwise we will be « sluts » that he won’t take seriously, but if we make him wait to long we are frigid and annoying. And when we finally do it, we have to be careful not to be too adventurous but also not to just lay there so that he doesn’t have the wrong idea of us. And then we can gradually be more imaginative when we begin to know each other well enough… So exhausting!
    • Even though some of us can have multiple orgasms, they are not common! And in fact women often have a hard time even getting one and have to fake it so that the guy’s pride won’t be hurt… Plus society dictates us that the vaginal orgasm is the only true one, so clitoral women: you’re in bad luck…
    • It is nearly required for a girl to give a guy a good blow job, but for a man to go down on a girl, not so much
    • Rape: I know that some men are also raped and that it must be terrible (and maybe even more difficult to talk about than for a woman…) but most rape victims are women. And the worse is that society tends to blame those victims! No, dressing a little bit sexy for a party is not invitation to sex, it’s trying to be more self-confident! And if a girl is too drunk to understand what’s happening, it doesn’t give you the right to rape her either!
  5. Sexism!
  • We are still payed less for the same f*cking job!
  • We are expected to have a career+take care of our children+take care of the house+cook and take care of our dear hubby, but if we complain that we work too and that all the other tasks should be handled equally by the two of us, then we are told that we fought to be able to work and that if we can’t handle it we should go back to the kitchen! Come on guys, please evolve, don’t you think it’s time?
    If we aren’t a good cooker, a domestic goddess, if we don’t LOVE children and dream of being a princess always dressed in pink, we are not feminin enough and we must be either an angry lesbian or a women desperate for good sex and therefore angry at the whole world…
  • When you see such things as the bic pen for women (thank you, we really could not write before they gave us pink and purple pens…) or the car for women…. I am not saying men and women should be the same, we are not: our brains are different and our body are different. But we should be equals! A razor is a razor! Why would women need a pink delicate one and men need a black/red sturdy and ready for action one! You shave with it! Whether it’s your legs or your face you just shave for god’s sake!
  • If we are not a sexy size zero with perfect skin and hair we should do everything we can to change that! Society objectifies women so much… And sure men on commercials are also irrealistic but most women do not think that a guy has to be super muscular to be sexy…

Anyway, I could go on and on but I won’t because I don’t wanna bore you to death!

But don’t misunderstand please, I love men, I have lots of guy friends and I really enjoy spending time with them. Also, I don’t want women to be seen as victims because we are not! The only thing I wanted to point out is that women are stronger than one may think and also that it’s time for the society to evolve, to allow men and women to have equal chances and equal responsibilities in life, to stop the clichés of the muscular working men and the delicate staying-home women… To stop asking if a woman has her period every time she is upset, to stop selling cars with sexy nearly naked women, to respect women. We should live side by side, completing each other because we are all different, but not looking down on each other!

So, do you agree or not? Tell me in the comments or answer this little poll: